Is ‘The Last Jedi’ the most intellectual Star Wars movie?


Movies are an excellent opportunity to imagine stories and scenarios and let our imagination fly. Whenever people go to the cinema they expect a movie that will make them feel better or at least dream about how would their life be if they had made other choices. It’s interesting how, even though modern technologies are always on the rise, movies are still among everyone’s favorite when it comes to means of entertainment.

The latest release that everyone seems to talk about is ‘The Last Jedi’ from the Star Wars franchise. Compared to its predecessors, this movie seems different, in a good way. Many critics have praised this movie for making an entrance into this industry. It looks like this piece of art features complex dynamics related especially to the gender subject.

The reason why ‘The Last Jedi’ could be called the most intellectual movie from the series is that it finally shows that women and men can work together and create something exceptional and unique. Although different sexes means that we’ll be seeing different military approaches, in the end, it’s all about respect and cohabitation.

Thanks to this bold approach, the movie shows women in strong leadership positions but also in a student position. There are no more gender or racial boundaries which is a positive thing given the current world we live in.

Typically, female heroes are either absent or showcased as individuals that don’t offer too much emotion on the screen. Because Star Wars is a worldwide phenomenon, it has the ability to choose to make a change.

The money made by this franchise is fabulous and we can’t stop to wonder when will this hype go away. You can purchase tons of items with the Star Wars logo such as coffee mugs, funny Star Wars gifts, T-shirts, and so on. So, this feminist trend will last for many years to come because true fans can seem to get over this story told for decades.

Viewers and movie critics noticed that this movie takes a leap of faith and goes from a simple action movie to something more sophisticated. Finally, we are able to see women working side by side, learning everything there is to know about the ways of the Force.

Even though the beloved Carrie Fisher passed away, the movie still has a certain sensibility and tone that makes it more gentle and clear more appealing to the female audience.

A tad more spiritual than older Star Wars movies, ‘The Last Jedi’ is basically a trailblazer for other actresses that want to play the woman in a command role. Plus, it’s great that we can admire smart and intelligent ladies that don’t act out of rivalry or tension. Instead, they let the grudges behind and work for a better outcome.