Interesting facts about arranging your short hair

It is known that short hair restrict experiment in looks and allow very little room for styling. But that is not true, at least not in today’s world where you have a plethora of tools and gadgets to shape and set hair in whatever way you want. There are several awesome gigs that you can do with your hairs, with the right tools in your hand. One such hair styling accessory is the flat iron.

Different types and lengths of hairs require different kinds of flat irons. Sometimes, the best flat iron may not be as good for short hairs as those rated below them might be.

While choosing a flat iron for short hair type, you must look for the gadget which is small in size and sleek in shape. It must have minimal housing and should be easily held in hand. The bottom-line is that you must be comfortable and feel convenient while you work on your cropped hair. Narrow plates are helpful in getting through the short strands. They will allow thorough application throughout the roots and work efficiently.


The size of the iron may also vary according to your hair texture. If you have short and straight hairs then the appropriate size can be 1 to 1.5 inches, but if your hairs are short and coarse/curly then the size must not go down from 1.5 inches.

Go for a lightweight unit because for short hair you will require to hold the tool above your head the entire duration of styling. Hence a lightweight flat iron is suggested for short hair types.

Choose a Tourmaline surfaced flat iron because while working on short hairs the tool will be held close to the hair roots and scalp for a very long duration and tourmaline heating will prevent the damage due to this prolonged exposure to heat.

Here is list of some of the most reliable and popular flat irons for short hair

  • CHI Air Style Series Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron: Good for normal and straight hairs. It is lightweight and only an inch broad to provide precise styling from tip to root.
  • Babyliss Pro porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron: This 1.5 inch broad straightener is great for coarse/thick/curly short hair type.
  • Elchim Ceramic Flat Iron: Another not so popular yet counts for reliability; this 1 inch broad straightener is a prudent investment for short hair.